The Voice that Calls You Home

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Published by: Atria
Release Date: November 17, 2009
Pages: 288
ISBN13: 978-1416596110


A positive, affirming collection of essays that teaches how to understand and accept life’s darkest hours—The Voice That Calls You Home will improve the way you live each and every day.

Andrea Raynor has gained a keen perspective on the meaning of life and death, comfort and grief, as a hospice chaplain, a cancer survivor, and a chaplain at Ground Zero following September 11. In the heartfelt tradition of Anne Lamott and Kate Braestrup, she uses her own experiences to remind readers that even in the direst of circumstances, we still have the opportunity to recognize beauty, to be inspired by the tenacity of the human spirit, and to feel connected to something greater. We may not be able to prevent the difficulties that come in life, but we can always choose the way in which we face them.

Warm, personal, and practical, The Voice That Calls You Home is a compelling guide to appreciating the wondrous world we live in, offering wisdom on how we can bear our inevitable sorrows with a steady eye and a sense of hope, and find an increased connection between the spiritual and the everyday.


"Readers will enjoy the author's accessible and elegant prose as well as the power behind her personal encounters with grief."
–Publishers Weekly

"This is above all a richly human document in the sense that it confronts us with both the height and the depth of what it is to be human in a dark world and helps to put us closer in touch with our own humanness."
–Frederick Buechner, author of The Sacred Journey

"A book for anyone who has ever hit a bump in the road of life, or needs the words and the wisdom to care for those who have. Andrea Raynor writes in a soothing and beautiful way about the collective experience of loss and grief and the ability to touch the common threads of hope through incredibly difficult times."
–Lee Woodruff, New York Times bestselling coauthor of In an Instant